Admire the City Hall on Market Square with the Prison Tower that dates back to the 13th century and visit the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) where the marble mausoleum of Prince William of Orange is the central point.  The Prince lived in what is now the Prinsenhof Museum, where he was assassinated in 1584. He was buried in the Nieuwe Kerk which serves, to this day, as the last resting place of the Dutch Royal Family.
With the programme “The secret of Delft” you make your way through the historical centre by solving puzzles and you will make a short visit to these important sights of the city.

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Daytrip: Delft Blue Line

Canal boat near the Old Church - Daytrip: Delft Blue Line The most popular daytrip in 2019! Admire Delft from its wonderful canals from a tour boat, take a look at the Delft Earthenware Factory 'De Porceleyne Fles' and see how Delft Blue is made. You will return by boat to Gasterij 't Karrewiel. This program either starts with a lovely lunch or ends with a tasty Grill Tasting dinner!

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Daytrip: How about a day out in Delft?

View at the Old Church - Daytrip: How about a day out in Delft? Daytrip: how about a day out in Delft?

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Daytrip: Go out with your camera

Delft Town Hall by sunset - Daytrip: Go out with your camera Take the best pictures together with your family or colleagues while exploring Delft. You will receive a map of the Old City and assignments which will help you to make a nice photo presentation. You can enjoy the presentation during a wonderful Grill Tasting dinner and win the Trophy.

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Daytrip: The secret of Delft

Drawing of a church - Daytrip: The secret of Delft Daytrip: The secret of Delft

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