Gasterij 't Karrewiel

The most versatile place to go out in Delft

Restaurant Gasterij 't Karrewiel is the centre point of every daytrip. Set in a monumental building, idyllically situated in the historic centre amidst little courts and canals, Gasterij 't Karrewiel is a unique place to go out in Delft.
The Gasterij (meaning "hostelry") features various banquet rooms that can be used separately and is particularly suited for intimate dinner parties but also for evening parties with up to 400 persons. Gasterij 't Karrewiel serves excellent lunches and dinners in an attractive setting. But moreover, they know how to combine active recreation with a comfortable, atmospheric stay. Ten fully automated bowling lanes, the photo scavenger hunt or the anecdote-walk through the historic centre of Delft are just a few examples. Themed dinners like the Whodunit Dinner Party and the Big Secret Soap Game are perfect for a hilarious staff outing.
Gasterij 't Karrewiel is 100% wheelchair accessible and fully air-conditioned. The booking desk of Dagtochten Combinatie Delft and Guide Services Delft is located in the building of Gasterij 't Karrewiel.

For more information call
+31 (0)15 213 6403

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