‘Custom made daytrips’ allows you to decide completely by yourself what your day out in Delft will look like. A custom made daytrip can be booked for 2 persons but is definitely very suitable for larger companies. In case not everyone in your company wants to do the same thing, it is possible to plan 2,3 or 4 activities to take place at the same time. One group can go by boat, one group can go by scooter and another group can take a city walk with a guide. All of this is possible and everybody – both young and old - will have the time of their lives. When the activities are finished, everybody joins together again and share their experiences while having a wonderful dinner.

Below you will find an overview of all the activities, lunch- and dinner options that we offer

ActivitiesDurationPrice adultsPrice children
6-12 years
Picture Treasure Hunt 1,5 hours € 4,75 p.p. *1 € 2,75 p.p. *1
Treasure Hunt by boat (min. 6 persons) 1,5 hours € 15,95 p.p. *1  
WhatsApp Experience (per packet of 6 persons) 3 hours € 60,00  
Escape the City Delft (per packet of 6 persons) 3 hours € 60,00  
(Junior) WhatsApp Murder Hunt (per packet of 6 persons) 2,5 hours € 60,00  
Soccer City Game Delft (per packet of 6 persons) 3 hours € 60,00  
Code breaker (per packet of 6 persons) 3 hours € 70,00  


*1) You will receive 25% discount on the Treasure Hunts if you book in combination with the brunch- or Grill Tasting packages. The Picture Treasure Hunt and the Bowling are free in combination with these packages.



Roundtrip on a boat 0,75 hour € 10,95 p.p. (children up to 12 years: € 6,95)
Visit 'Royal Delft' incl. audio tour 1,5 hours  € 9,75 p.p. (children up to 12 years: free)
Visit New/Old church (combination ticket) 2 hours  € 8,75 p.p.
Visit Vermeer Centrum 1 hour  up to 15 persons € 12,00 p.p.
Visit Vermeer Centrum 1 hour  15 persons or more € 9,00 p.p.
Visit Prinsenhof 1 hour  up to 10 persons € 10,00 p.p.
Visit Prinsenhof 1 hour  10 persons or more € 8,00 p.p.
City Prison 1 hour € 4,50 p.p.



ActivitiesDurationPrice per 25 participants
City Walk (max. 25 participants per guide) 1 hour € 60,00 p.p.
  1,5 hours € 81,50 p.p.
  2 hours € 103,00 p.p.
  Weekend/evening tax: + € 9,50 per guide


For more information call
+31 (0)15 213 6403

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